Idukki Hotels

03. January 2018 Idukki Hotels 0
Idukki Hotels

Idukki is the most exotic and astounding location in God’s own country. Many people flock to Idukki, to have a wonderful time with family as well as with friends. The most striking characteristics of Idukki is the climate and the ambience of this district, and this makes it unique among other places in Kerala. Hotels in Kerala usually focuses on tourists or foreigners that visit their hotel, but in Idukki, foreigners as well as the locals stay at hotel, when needed.


There are many types of hotels in Kerala, ranging from cheap to luxurious, Idukki hotels are no less different. Luxurious hotels in Idukki are costly, but the cost is worth the setup of the hotel. But there are some average hotels that keep up both the quality as well as the standard. They may not charge the customer with a very high amount, instead they will always ask for an average sum of amount for the stay. The cost-effective approach of these hotels leads to more and more people rushing into the  hotel. After visiting the fog filled mountains in Idukki, one would really love to have a relaxing stay at the hotel, and there comes the importance of decent, clean and affordable hotels.

It is not always suggested to stay in cheap hotels at adimali, the main reason being health issues. Cleanliness is a factor in these hotels, one may find it exasperating to stay in such hotels with family. The food that the customer receives in these cheap hotels will be of poor value and may even lead to serious illness. So one should always keep these factors in mind, before selecting a place to stay. I always prefer average hotels, rather than luxurious or cheap stayhouses. Le Prime is one such hotel that is a hill view hotel at Adimali. The cuisine, the stay and other basic and advanced amenities are all adequate and satisfactory.

Most of the hotels in Idukki provides add on facilities such as sightseeing, doctor on call, campfire, etc. Although these are paid services, it makes the package complete. Thus, travellers and tourists visiting Idukki must always remember that, like many important things, the place of you stay is also an integral part of your journey.                   

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